Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Device set configuration

The toolkit can be used with a wide range of hardware and software devices in various configurations. All configurable parameters are specified in a Device set configuration file, which describe the used devices, connection between devices, algorithms that operate on data provided by devices, and applications that use devices and algorithms.

Writing the correct configuration file is essential and it is important to devote sufficient time and attention to this task. The description on this page and the provided examples should help in creating the configuration file, but in case of any problems post a question on the message board and you will very likely to get an answer within a few hours.

Data collection devices

Most commonly, there is already a device set configuration file that just requires slight modifications in the Data collection configuration section. This section contains the list of all supported hardware and software devices. Common parameters and general description of the configuration file are provided in subsequent sections.

Ultrasound systems

Framegrabbers and cameras

Network imaging devices

Generic pose tracking devices

Inertial measurement units

Other tracking devices


Data processors

Other data acquisition and control devices

Data collection configuration

The data collector component acquires data from several physical or software devices simultaneously and processes and combines the acquired data.


How to write the DataCollection section of the configuration file

The best way to get started is to find example configuration file(s) for the hardware device(s) that you would like to use. There are simple example configuration files in the installation package in the Config directory: PlusDeviceSet_Server_(some-hardware-device).xml. In the device set selector in Plus applications these configurations appear as "PlusServer: (some-hardware-device) device". Try to connect to each of device one-by-one and verify if the data collection is successful (no error messages in the log, data sent through OpenIGTLink is visualized correctly in 3D Slicer/SlicerIGT).

To collect data from multiple devices:

Common data collection settings

Device set configuration file

This XML configuration file describes all inputs that are needed by any Plus application. This file defines the device set, that is used in course of acquisition, the coordinate frames, the segmentation parameters, the phantom definition (properties, geometry, registration), and data elements for algorithms and applications. The file contains the following XML elements: