Plus applications user manual  2.9.0.e3e8b4a
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
NDI Optotrak Certus optical pose tracker

Supported hardware devices

Supported platforms


Install common software

Before setting up the device or the connection make sure the followings are installed on the computer where Plus will be used:

Communicating Certus tracker by PCI card

PCI card installation. To install an NDI PCI drivers card you will need:

Communicating Certus tracker by via ethernet

How to set up your PC

Install the following software:

If you made these changes, the NDI will work via ethernet. If you want to use the PCI card again, you have to undo these changes (the most important thing is to set ''Driver'' to ''pcilink.dll''

How to set up the System Control Unit (SCU)

Change ethernet settings in NDI SCU ''(Note: this has to be done only when SCU, gateway or DNS IP address is changed)''

Coordinate systems

Tracker (Left-handed)

Reference DRB (Right-handed). The orientation of the DRB is the following: the side with the writing on it is on the far side from the camera and the screw points to the ground.

Tracking with NDI Certus: To achieve stable tracking, the NDI Certus camera must be at least 2 meters away from the tracked DRBs. For more information, please see the following link:

No "beeps" when attempting to connect to a Certus tracker => Power off the OptoTrak Certus camera and communication unit for a few seconds and try to connect again If no Certus device is attached to the system then the application crashes (due to the TransputerDetermineSystemCfg call in NDI's toolkit, which determines the system configuration causes the application to crash)

Device configuration settings

Example configuration file PlusDeviceSet_Server_NDICertus.xml

<PlusConfiguration version="2.1">
<DataCollection StartupDelaySec="1.0">
Name="PlusServer: NDI Certus tracker"
Description="Broadcasting tool tracking data through OpenIGTLink
Tracking a single needle.
The computer needs to be on the same local network as Certus SCU unit. The needle has to be plugged into the first slot"
ToolReferenceFrame="Tracker" >
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Probe" PortName="0" />
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Reference" PortName="1" />
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Stylus" PortName="2" />
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Needle" PortName="3" />
<OutputChannel Id="TrackerStream" >
<DataSource Id="Probe"/>
<DataSource Id="Reference"/>
<DataSource Id="Stylus"/>
EnableCapturingOnStart="FALSE" >
<InputChannel Id="TrackerStream" />
OutputChannelId="TrackerStream" >
<Message Type="TRANSFORM" />
<Transform Name="NeedleToTracker" />