Plus applications user manual  2.9.0.e3e8b4a
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.

Supported hardware devices

Supported platforms

Atracsys SDK Versions

Please build PLUS Atracsys support against the following Atracsys SDK versions. Other versions may work, but are not regularly tested by the PLUS developer team.

-spryTrack: RC7 -fusionTrack: 4.1.3

Updating camera firmware

Please check the release notes for your version of the Atracsys SDK to ensure that these notes are current.

Building the Atracsys PLUS support

Creating a passive marker geometry

Options are:

--background-subtraction Remove background fiducials from data considered by
the creator.
--description=opt Decsription of marker (i.e. purpose, color, size,
and any other desired metadata).
--destination-path=opt Where the generated marker geometry ini file will
be written to.
--geometryId=opt Id of the geometry we are creating. Must be unique.
--help Print this help.
--marker-name=opt Name of marker.
--num-frames=opt Number of frames to use in generating marker
geometry ini file.
--verbose=opt Verbose level (1=error only, 2=warning, 3=info,
4=debug, 5=trace).

Using Atracsys active markers

Common Issues

Device configuration settings

Config File

<PlusConfiguration version="2.7">
<DataCollection StartupDelaySec="1.0">
Name="PlusServer: Atracsys"
Description="Broadcasting tracking data from Atracsys spryTrack180, fusionTrack250 or fusionTrack500 through OpenIGTLink."
ToolReferenceFrame="Tracker" >
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Stylus" TrackingType="PASSIVE" GeometryFile="AtracsysTools/stylus.ini" />
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Reference" TrackingType="ACTIVE" GeometryId="371000" />
<OutputChannel Id="TrackerStream">
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Stylus" />
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Reference" />
OutputChannelId="TrackerStream" >
<Message Type="TRANSFORM" />
<Transform Name="StylusToTracker" />
<Transform Name="ReferenceToTracker" />