Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
PlusServer application

PlusServer is an application that runs Plus functions and sends acquired data to remote clients through OpenIGTLink connection. Typical example is to use Plus for acquiring tracked ultrasound image slices and send them for real-time visualization to 3D Slicer.

The server supports continuous data acquisition and sending and also on-request starting/stopping of recording, volume reconstruction, updating of transforms, saving of the modified device set configuration file, etc. Requests are received through OpenIGTLink commands. See more details at PlusServer commands .


The most convenient way to launch PlusServer is using PlusServerLauncher. After installing the Plus Applications package, the Plus Server Launcher can be found from the start menu. See more details at PlusServerLauncher application .

Visualization of acquired data

To visualize the images and transforms broadcasted by the PlusServer use an application such as 3D Slicer:

Command-line usage

PlusServer can be also started from the command-line. The list of available command-line parameters are printed if the –help parameter is specified.

Launch the command-line-only version of PlusServer (no graphical user interface):

PlusServer --config-file=PlusServer.xml
--config-file=opt Configuration file name
--connect Automatically connect after the
application is started
--device-set-configuration-dir=opt Device set configuration directory path
--help Print this help.
--verbose=opt Verbose level (1=error only, 2=warning,
3=info, 4=debug)

Configuration settings

This is an example element that needs to be added to the PLUS configuration xml file to use PlusServer:

  OutputChannelId="SomeValidChannel" >
      <Message Type="IMAGE" />
      <Message Type="TRANSFORM" />
      <Transform Name="StylusTipToReference" />
      <Transform Name="ProbeToReference" />