Plus applications user manual  2.9.0.bf99f0e
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.

The following command-line tools can be executed by starting the Plus command prompt and entering the name of the tool executable file and parameters.

Tool Description
Create slice models (CreateSliceModels) Create 3D surface model showing 2D slice positions (for volume reconstruction troubleshooting)
Data collection diagnostics (DiagDataCollection) Diagnose data collection from devices
Draw clip region (DrawClipRegion) Show clip rectangle and fan over ultrasound images
Draw scanlines (DrawScanLines) Show scanlines over scan-converted ultrasound images
Sequence metafile editor (EditSequenceFile) Edit sequence files (trim, merge, compress/uncompress, etc.)
Enhance US sequence mha file (EnhanceUsTrpSequence) Command line tool to use vtkPlusTransverseProcessEnhancer device on US image sequence mha file
Extract scan lines (ExtractScanLines) Extract scan lines and write into rectangular images
Freehand tracked ultrasound calibration application (fCal) Calibrate tracked ultrasound probe and tracked tools spatially and temporally
PlusServer application Acquire data from devices and broadcast through OpenIGTLink
Version information (PlusVersion) Print the version of Plus and all hardware SDKs
Point set extractor (PointSetExtractor) Create 3D surface model (points or tube) from tool trajectory
Ultrasound probe calibration (ProbeCalibration) Calibrate the ultrasound probe from pre-recorded data (compute ImageToProbe transform)
RF data processor (RfProcessor) Convert RF data to displayable B-mode images
Scan conversion (ScanConvert) Scan conversion to output geometrically correct images
Spatial sensor fusion (SpatialSensorFusion) Compute orientation from accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer measurements
Temporal calibration application (TemporalCalibration) Compute time offset between two streams
Tracking device test (TrackingTest) View tracker tool positions in 3D
Sequence file viewer (ViewSequenceFile) View sequence file frames in 3D
Volume reconstructor application (VolumeReconstructor) Reconstruct 3D ultrasound volume from 2D slices