Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Enhance US sequence mha file (EnhanceUsTrpSequence)

This is a command-line tool for applying a series of vtk image filter processing steps (specified in the config file) to an mha file of US images. Filter parameters are read from the ImageProcessingOperations element of the config file.


EnhanceUsTrpSequence.exe --config-file="PlusDeviceSet_Server_Ultrasonix_C5-2_TransverseProcessEnhancer_2Processing.xml" --input-seq-file="SpineUltrasound-Lumbar-C5.mha" --output-seq-file="EnhancedTrps.mha" --verbose=3

Command-line parameters reference

  --config-file=opt  The filename for input config file.

  --help  Print this help

  --input-seq-file=opt  The filename for the input ultrasound
                                  sequence to process.

  --output-seq-file=opt  The filename to write the processed sequence

  --save-intermediate-images=opt  If intermediate images should be saved to
                                  output files

  --verbose=opt  Verbose level (1=error only, 2=warning,
                                  3=info, 4=debug, 5=trace)