Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Spatial sensor fusion (SpatialSensorFusion)

This tool can be used to compute orientation from raw accelerometer and gyroscope sensor measurement values. The orientation is computed using sensor fusion of the two sensors. The filtered tilt sensor provides less noisy measurement (compared to just using the accelerometer), doesn't suffer from drift around the down axis (like compared to IMU sensors do), and doesn't suffer from inaccuracies due to magnetic field distortion (like compared to MARG sensors do).


SpatialSensorFusion --ahrs-algo=MADGWICK_IMU --ahrs-algo-gain 1.5 --initial-gain 1 --initial-repeated-frame-number=1000 --input-seq-file=C:/devel/_Nightly/PlusBuild-bin-vs9/PlusLib/data/TestImages/SpatialSensorFusionTestInput.mha" "--output-seq-file=C:/devel/_Nightly/PlusBuild-bin-vs9/PlusLib/data/TestImages/SpatialSensorFusionTestOutput.mha --baseline-seq-file=SpatialSensorFusionTestBaseline.mha --west-axis-index=1

Command-line parameters reference

  --ahrs-algo=opt  Ahrs Algorithm for Filtered Tilt Sensor.
                                       Allowed inputs: MADGWICK_IMU, MAHONY_IMU

  --ahrs-algo-gain opt opt ...  Opt1: Proportional Feedback Gain.  Opt2:
                                       Integral Feedback Gain (Integral gain
                                       used in Mahony only). 

  --baseline-seq-file=opt  Known good baseline file used to
                                       validate results for testing

  --help  Print this help.

  --initial-gain opt opt ...  Gain to use during initial frames for
                                       faster convergance

  --initial-repeated-frame-number=opt  Number of frames to process at initial
                                       high gain for convergance

  --input-seq-file=opt  File name of input image

  --output-seq-file=opt  File name of the image with the
                                       transform added

  --tracker-reference-frame=opt  Name of the tracker's reference frame
                                       (by default: Tracker)

  --west-axis-index=opt  Axis index to constrain to west