Plus applications user manual  2.9.0.bf99f0e
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Version information (PlusVersion)

Prints the version of all hardware SDKs that were used for building Plus.

Example output

Software version: Plus-2.9.0.eb3c31c0 - Win64
Supported devices:
- 3dConnexion (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- AuroraTracker (ver: NDICAPI-1.7)
- BkProFocusOem (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- ChRobotics (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- Epiphan (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- FakeTracker (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- GenericSerialDevice (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- ICCapturing (ver: The Imaging Source UDSHL-3.4)
- ImageProcessor (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- IntelRealSense (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- Microchip (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- MmfVideo (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- NDITracker (ver: NDICAPI-1.7)
- NoiseVideo (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- OpenCVVideo (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- OpenIGTLinkTracker (ver: OpenIGTLink v3.1.0)
- OpenIGTLinkVideo (ver: OpenIGTLink v3.1.0)
- OptiTrack (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- OpticalMarkerTracker (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- PhidgetSpatial (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- PolarisTracker (ver: NDICAPI-1.7)
- SavedDataSource (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- UsSimulator (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VFWVideo (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualBufferedCapture (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualCapture (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualDeinterlacer (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualDiscCapture (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualMixer (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualSwitcher (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualTextRecognizer (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- VirtualVolumeReconstructor (ver: Plus-2.9.0)
- WitMotionTracker (ver: Plus-2.9.0)

Command-line parameters reference

  --help  Print this help.

  --short  Print short version information, without list of supported devices
           (by default print detailed information)