Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Volume reconstructor application (VolumeReconstructor)

This is a command-line tool for ultrasound volume reconstruction.

See description of volume reconstruction parameters on the Volume reconstruction algorithm page.


VolumeReconstructor.exe --config-file=PlusConfiguration_SpinePhantomFreehandReconstructionOnly.xml --source-seq-file=SpinePhantomFreehand.mha --output-volume-file=vtkPlusVolumeReconstructorWithHoleFillingTest1Output.mha --image-to-reference-transform=ImageToReference


See more examples on the dashboard (all the test cases starting with "vtkPlusVolumeReconstructor" perform volume reconstruction or verify volume reconstruction results).

Command-line parameters reference

  --config-file=opt  Input configuration file name (.xml)

  --disable-compression  Do not compress output image files.

  --help  Print this help.

  --image-to-reference-transform=opt  Name of the transform to define the
                                         image slice pose relative to the
                                         reference coordinate system (e.g.,
                                         ImageToReference). Note that this
                                         parameter is optional, if it is
                                         defined then it overrides the
                                         ImageCoordinateFrame and
                                         ReferenceCoordinateFrame attribute
                                         values in the configuration file.

  --img-seq-file=opt  Input sequence file filename
                                         (.mha/.nrrd). DEPRECATED: use
                                         --source-seq-file argument instead

  --importance-mask-file=opt  The file to use as the importance mask.

  --output-frame-file=opt  A filename that will be used for
                                         storing the tracked image frames. Each
                                         frame will be exported individually,
                                         with the proper position and
                                         orientation in the reference
                                         coordinate system

  --output-volume-accumulation-file=opt  Output file name of the accumulation
                                         of the reconstructed volume

  --output-volume-alpha-file=opt  Output file name of the alpha channel
                                         of the reconstructed volume
                                         (.mha/.nrrd). DEPRECATED: use
                                         argument instead

  --output-volume-file=opt  Output file name of the reconstructed
                                         volume (must have .mha, .mhd, .nrrd or
                                         .nhdr extension)

  --save-custom-headers opt opt ...  List of custom header fields to pass
                                         into the output file.

  --source-seq-file=opt  Input sequence file filename

  --transform=opt  Image to reference transform name used
                                         for the reconstruction. DEPRECATED,
                                         use --image-to-reference-transform
                                         argument instead

  --verbose=opt  Verbose level (1=error only,
                                         2=warning, 3=info, 4=debug, 5=trace)