Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Point set extractor (PointSetExtractor)

Extracts the tooltip positions of a selected tool (tpyically a stylus, but it can be any other tool) and saves it into a polygon file for visualization or further processing. Optionally it can show the pointset on the screen in 3D. It can be used for visualization of motion trajectories or for collecting a point cloud for surface reconstruction.


Output: points

PointSetExtractor --config-file=PlusDeviceSet_NwirePhantomFreehand_vtkPlusVolumeReconstructorTest2.xml --source-seq-file=NwirePhantomFreehand.mha --output-pointset-file=output.ply --reference-name=Tracker --stylus-name=Probe --display

Output: spheres

PointSetExtractor.exe --config-file=PlusDeviceSet_NwirePhantomFreehand_vtkPlusVolumeReconstructorTest2.xml --source-seq-file=NwirePhantomFreehand.mha --output-surface-file=output.stl --reference-name=Tracker --stylus-name=Probe --add-spheres --radius=0.3 --display

Output: tube

PointSetExtractor.exe --config-file=PlusDeviceSet_NwirePhantomFreehand_vtkPlusVolumeReconstructorTest2.xml --source-seq-file=NwirePhantomFreehand.mha --output-surface-file=output.stl --reference-name=Tracker --stylus-name=Probe --add-tube --display

Command-line parameters reference

Software version: Plus-2.9.0.accbf4cf - Win32
  --add-spheres  Add a sphere at each point position (optional)

  --add-tube  Add a tube connecting the point positions

  --config-file=opt  Name of the input configuration file

  --display  Show the points on the screen (optional)

  --help  Print this help.

  --output-pointset-file=opt  Filename of the output pointset file in PLY
                              format (optional)

  --output-surface-file=opt  Filename of the output sruface file in STL format
                              (required if spheres or tube added)

  --radius=opt  Radius of the tube or speheres (default: 5)

  --reference-name=opt  Name of the reference tool (Default: Reference)

  --source-seq-file=opt  Name of the input sequence metafile that contains
                              the tracking data

  --stylus-name=opt  Name of the stylus tool (Default: Stylus)

  --verbose=opt  Verbose level (1=error only, 2=warning, 3=info,
                              4=debug, 5=trace)