Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Tracking device test (TrackingTest)

This is a simple test application to visualize all the tracker tools and the numerical values of the acquired transforms. The visualized data can be optionally saved into file.



TrackingTest --config-file=..\..\PlusLib\data\ConfigFiles\Test_PlusConfiguration_VideoNone_FakeTracker_PivotCalibration_fCal.xml

Command-line parameters reference

  --acq-time-length=opt  Length of acquisition time in
                                             seconds (Default: 60s)

  --config-file=opt  Name of the input configuration

  --help  Print this help.

  --output-tracker-buffer-seq-file-name=opt  Filename of the output tracker
                                             bufffer sequence metafile
                                             (Default: TrackerBufferMetafile)

  --rendering-off  Run test without rendering.

  --tool-name=opt  Will print the actual transform of
                                             this tool (names were defined in
                                             the config file, default is the
                                             first active tool)

  --verbose=opt  Verbose level (1=error only,
                                             2=warning, 3=info, 4=debug,