Plus applications user manual  2.9.0.e3e8b4a
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
Fake tracking system as a simulator

Simulates a fake tracking system with tools that have predetermined behavior. This allows someone who doesn't have access to a tracking system to test code that relies on having one active.

Device configuration settings

Example configuration file PlusDeviceSet_FakeTracker_ToolState.xml

<PlusConfiguration version="2.1">
<DataCollection StartupDelaySec="1.0">
Name="TEST No Video with Fake tracker in Tool state mode"
Description="ToolStateDisplayWidgetTest uses this configuration" />
Mode="ToolState" >
<DataSource Type="Tool" Id="Test" PortName="0" />
<OutputChannel Id="TrackerStream" >
<DataSource Id="Test"/>