PlusLib  2.9.0
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
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 Phantom registration algorithm
 Pivot calibration algorithm
 Probe calibration algorithm
 RF processing algorithm
 Temporal calibration
 Volume reconstruction algorithm
 Create slice models (CreateSliceModels)
 Draw clip region (DrawClipRegion)
 Draw scanlines (DrawScanLines)
 Sequence metafile editor (EditSequenceFile)
 Enhance US sequence mha file (EnhanceUsTrpSequence)
 Extract scan lines (ExtractScanLines)
 Version information (PlusVersion)
 Ultrasound probe calibration (ProbeCalibration)
 RF data processor (RfProcessor)
 Scan conversion (ScanConvert)
 Temporal calibration application (TemporalCalibration)
 Tracking device test (TrackingTest)
 Sequence file viewer (ViewSequenceFile)
 Volume reconstructor application (VolumeReconstructor)
 Coordinate systems definitions
 Definition of commonly used coordinate systems
 3dConnexion 3D mouse devices
 Oscilloscope interface
 Ascension electromagnetic tracking devices (and Ultrasonix SonixGPS)
 BK ultrasound systems
 BlackMagic DeckLink
 Prostate brachytherapy steppers
 Capistrano Labs USB ultrasound systems
 CHRobotics CHR-UM6 magnetic, angular rate, and gravity (MARG) sensor
 Clarius ultrasound systems
 Enhance US sequence (EnhanceUsTrpSequence)
 Epiphan frame grabber
 Fake tracking system as a simulator
 Generic serial device
 Imaging controls analog USB frame grabber
 Thermal Infrared Seek Pro camera
 Infrared Thermal Expert Q1 camera
 IntelRealSense camera
 Interson USB ultrasound systems (old SDK)
 Interson USB ultrasound systems (new SDK)
 LeapMotion hand tracker
 Microchip MM7150 magnetic, angular rate, and gravity (MARG) sensor
 Claron MicronTracker optical pose tracker
 Microsoft Media Foundation compatible imaging device
 NDI Vega, Polaris and Aurora pose trackers
 NDI Optotrak Certus optical pose tracker
 Any OpenCV compatible capture device
 OpenHaptics Device
 Any OpenIGTLink compatible tracker
 Any OpenIGTLink compatible imaging device
 Optical Marker Tracker
 Optimet ConoProbe single-point measuring sensor
 OvrvisionPro stereo camera
 Phidgets Spatial 3/3/3 magnetic, angular rate, and gravity (MARG) sensor
 Philips ultrasound systems
 Replay recorded data from file
 Ultrasonix ultrasound systems
 Spinnaker Video Source
 Medtronic Stealth Station
 Telemed USB ultrasound systems
 ThorLabs compact spectrometer
 Subclass of all ultrasound devices
 Ultrasound simulator
 Video for Windows compatible imaging device
 Virtual Capture
 Virtual Mixer
 Virtual Switcher
 Virtual Text Recognizer
 Virtual Volume Reconstructor
 WitMotion BWT901CL: Nine axis Bluetooth attitude angle sensor
 Application configuration file
 Log file
 Sequence file
 PlusServer commands
 Supported platforms
 Ultrasound image orientation
 Ultrasound imaging parameters