Plus applications user manual
Software library for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing.
How to report an error

Software error

If you encounter an error, please follow the following instructions to help us to find and fix it more quickly.

  • Try to reproduce the error and filter out what steps are really required for the error to occur
  • Create an issue on GitHub.
  • Describe exactly what steps you made before the error occurred
  • Describe what is the unexpected behaviour
  • Attach the log file to the ticket
    • It is located in the directory named Output inside the folder you executed the application
    • It is named [date]_[time]_PlusLog.txt
    • Choose the one that was created when you ran the application performing only the steps that really needed (see first step)
  • If needed for easier understanding, attach a screenshot. Use compressed format (like .png, .jpg, .gif).

Thank you for helping to improve Plus!

Documentation error

If you find a documentation error on the wiki then create an issue on GitHub.